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Honeywell Products - From Graphic Controls

In stock and ready to ship. Graphic Controls offers factory direct savings on OEM TRULINE charts for ALL TRULINE recorders. We also offer the largest available selection of 2400 series circulars as well as a full line of DPR strip charts and marking systems. Save on your honeywell chart papers and accessories today.

Honeywell Truline Charts

Our 30755317-001 Trulines are the same charts supplied to the OEM for use in the Honeywell DR4500 Truline recorder. This circular thermal chart allows the recorder to print a variety of programmable grid configurations and simultaneously record as many as four distinct processes. Honeywell provides recorder variations for use in HTST/pasteurisation applications and wastewater monitoring in addition to the standard DR4500 recorder. The 30755317-001 Truline charts from Graphic Controls may be used with confidence in all Truline Recorder applications.

GC # OEM # Model(s) Type Order
20626356 30755317-001 DR 4500 Truline Circular Chart Order

Honeywell 2400 Series Charts

Honeywell 2400-1660 and 2400-1661 circular charts are designed to fit the DR4300 10 inch chart recorder. These ink-writing charts are available in a wide variety of ranges for 24 hour (2400-1660) or 7 day (2400-1661) durations. DR4300 recorders are used in a variety of industries including food and beverage, heat-treating, cold storage monitoring, flow monitoring and pharmaceutical production. Graphic Controls Universal Pens (82-39 series) are also available to fit DR4300 recorders.

GC # OEM # Model(s) Type Order
10222488 24001660-001 DR 4300 Circular Chart - 24 Hour
Range: 0-100
10631092 24001661-001 DR 4300 Circular Chart - 7 Day
Range: 0-100
10557347 30735489-002 82-39 Series Red Pen Order
10557636 30735489-007 82-39 Series Purple Pen Order

Honeywell DPR Strip Charts

Graphic Controls provides a full line of ink-writing strips charts to fit Honeywell DPR100, DPR180 and DPR250 strip chart recorders. DPR recorders feature universal inputs and are ideal for almost any process application. Strip charts can run unattended for extended periods of time. The read out allows continuous monitoring and the quick detection of out of tolerance deviations. Available in roll and fanfold formats, our DPR charts can render six colour printing using the 46180501-001 print wheel (DPR100 only) or the 46182712-001 ribbon cassette (DPR180 and DPR250).

A large variety of roll and fanfold charts are available for the DPR100 recorder. Available charts for Honeywell DPR180 and DPR250 recorders include:

GC # OEM # Model(s) Type Order
2024237C 46190051-100 DPR 180 Fanfold Order
0084445C 46190052-100 DPR 180 Roll Order
0050432C 46182707-001 DPR 250 Fanfold Order
0050154C 46182708-001 DPR 250 Roll Order
0065809C 46180501-001 DPR 100 6-Color Print Wheel Order
0074567C 46187001-001 DPR 100 Blue Pen Order
0065808C 46182712-001 DPR 180, DPR 250 Ribbon Cassette Order


Please use our Chart Search and our Pen Search to find the charts and pens and ribbons you need today! If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service department at +44 1803 860100 (UK) or +32 9228 1046 (Europe)



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