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Graphic Controls Slot Machine Tickets
combine the latest printing technology
with expert service perfected over 100
years. Maximize your message, reduce
waste and improve your supply chain
management with custom or standard
stock TITO Tickets.


It's our job to make your job easier, with convenient web tools, full service sales, and customer service.

Full colour four image repeat, with photo quality graphics.

You'll find our tickets being used worldwide in slot systems designed by IGT, Konami, Aristocrat and Bally.

Be protected with a wide variety of security features and our standard shrink-wrap protective packaging at no extra cost.

Keeping Slots Running and Players Playing
For over a Decade.

Graphic Controls TITO Tickets can be found in: Caesars Entertainment, MGM International, Inspired Gaming, Novomatic, Venetian Sands Corp. and hundreds of other world class properties

Secure & Protective Packaging
Stable Pallets. Durable Cases. Shrink Wrapped Packs.

Our TITO Ticket packs are individually shrink-wrapped, keeping them safe from dust, humidity and in-transit mishaps.

Shrink-Wrap Protection

Case Packaging


Our shrink-wrapped TITO Ticket packs prevent accidental contamination from liquids and moisture. Dust and dirt are no longer an issue with complete pack protection as our standard.

Our case packaging system is designed for weight efficiency, space maximization and
in-transit stability over land, ocean, or in the air.

For strength and durability our pallets are equipped with chipboard between layers, vertical corner boards and all cases are shrink-wrapped for ultimate protection.

Custom Security
Featured Options.
White Ink Security


White Ink Security

Black Light Blue Ink

Yellow Ink Security

Black Light Yellow Ink

  • Replicates the look and security of a subtle, elegant watermark.
  • Visible to the naked eye.
  • Can not be replicated on a copy machine.
  • Glows blue under an ultraviolet (black) light.
  • Subtly seen without the use of a black light.
  • Cannot be photocopied or digitally recreated.
  • Glows yellow under an ultraviolet (black) light.
  • Subtly seen without the use of a black light.
  • Cannot be photocopied or digitally recreated.

IGT Approved Thermal Coating
We've put our tickets to the test.

Graphic Controls TITO Tickets have a moisture resistant thermal coating that stands up to the elements in any casino, club, or pub.


Barcode read, and only slight reduction to image quality

Hand Sanitizer

Barcode read, and only slight reduction to image quality


80% more resistant to lotion as compared to uncoated tickets


Exposure to water inhibits ability to read barcode

Hand Sanitizer

Minimal to no success reading barcode


Moderate deterioration when lotion was in contact with barcode

Protect Your Tickets
Storage Instructions and Shelf-life

Follow these simple steps to make your product last

  • Store in Temperature: 20° C +/- 5° (68° F +/- 9°); Archive at or below: 25° C (77° F)
  • Relative Humidity: < 65%
  • Store in a dark location away from natural light
  • Keep in sealed packaging avoiding contact with chemicals such as plasticizes, oils, solvents, adhesives, and water.

Innovative Product Features

Graphic Controls has consistently led the industry with valuable advancements in TITO Ticket technology.

With our commitment to staying at the forefront of Transactional Media solutions, we proudly bring you the next level in TITO Tickets.

Only Tickets+ lets you transform your TITO Tickets into marketing tools that increase consumer engagement and improve your tracking capabilities without having to change your current TITO Ticket printers.

Our proprietary, patent-pending system uses QR Code technology to help you connect with today’s players via smart phones or our unique Reward Kiosk.

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